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A special thank you to all the volunteers and others - those who were kind enough to donate  items for children in Mexico. All the children that received toys, clothing and other items were truly grateful. A Child's Cry thank you for all your support in helping to put smiles on the children's faces during the Christmas season.

Christmas rolled in and found us all in amazement that the time was now.  Packages and all items were gathered and packed, ready to go  to Mexico for distribution to the children. This year  a decision was made to  drive and seek out children that look as though they were in need of some help or have a  need and donate to the children ACC Packages (what happen)? We had no idea this experience would be such an eye opener to the need and condition of children - children living in the cold and without simple things as a blanket and warm socks.   Returning from Mexico that night a decision was made to return the following week,  but due to conflicting schedules, the trip had to be moved to March as the volunteers all had to work and there were not enough collected or available items to return and make the trip at such short notice. A  new  date  for  March 2008 is scheduled.

     The  children were very excited  and all smiles as they were given  Christmas toys and goodies from ACC toys giveaway.

"Thank  You for  giving
Thank you for making a difference"
From the eyes of one volunteer:

“What an eye opening experience!” Driving into Mexico with only the willingness to help as our guide is all that was needed to find families with small children in need.

I didn’t realize how many children needed clothes we threw away or used as rags. They need more public education for small children and adolescents. From shoes to blankets, diapers and toothpaste they need more resources.

Along side the Rosario/Puerto Nuevo long highway we exited and ventured inland to find small towns filled with small children peddling goods for change. They were hungry, cold and walking around barefoot. Young women sleeping on the corners of the streets with children wrapped in blankets, garbage bags or anything they can find to keep out of the cold. I was shocked when the children asked us for our plastic bags and boxes once the van was empty. They use them to stay warm.

In another small town, where we dropped off goods, a little boy touched my heart. As I handed him a bag of clothes and toys, he started telling me about all the other children in the town that he was going to go get so they didn’t miss out on the toy drive. His unselfishness and willingness to look after his town was a sign that as a whole we need to care for each other more

Another  volunteer writes:

I knew of the need in Mexico, but I never thought that the situation would be like what I saw there. Children should not be living the way I saw children living. These are God's children and it is not right for children to suffer that way. On my returned from Mexico, I have since approached all my family members and have asked for their help for these children.  They are all cleaning out their closets to donate to A Child's Cry.   We will be able to return to Mexico with some warm clothing for the children and the mothers, who had their babies with no shoes, with their little feet so cracked it brought tears to my eyes. In one instance, there was one shoe left over as the matching shoe was lost and this lady wanted the one shoe (what do you do with one shoe??? We are so blessed and each day we must give thanks to God as we have so much and we need to share and help each other in order for everyone to be able to have even the basics.

I am grateful I had the opportunity to go to Mexico with A Child's Cry volunteers and help in the toy distribution. The smiles on the children's faces were a great blessing to me.  The smiles on the children's faces and their parent’s as they saw their children receiving their gifts. I thank the Lord for this opportunity.

 When you see the children so happy, the whole experience makes you think of your own children and how happy they are when you give them something for the first time.  It brought a lot of joy to my heart knowing that I was a part of making some children stay warm. One little boy wanted a belt that we were going to throw away (the belt was broken) but he still insisted that he wanted the belt - he said, “it’s o.k. I will fix it.”  One little girl was given a scarf and hat with mittens.  She was so excited that she did not want to take them off.  One volunteer called her to give her some more toys,  but she took off running thinking that we were going to take the scarf  away from her.

One woman had a month old baby wrapped in a shawl around her shoulders.  She needed a blanket for the baby, but at that time we were all out of items and it was so sad to see her go with the young baby so cold wrapped in the shawl.

Thank you for your support

   Trip to Mexico

A return trip schedule will take much needed  warm clothing  and blankets for children.

 Thank You for  giving  -  Thank you for making a difference

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