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Where your tax-deductable dollars is helping to make a difference in the lives of children in need.
          [TXT] Several ways listed below to make donations to A Child's Cry for needy children
  (1) Make general donation on PayPal Links below:
(3) [TXT] OPTION  A & B Backpacks /School Supplies purchases:
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  •  Your giving changes lives
  (2) 1. Choose referral from drop down list below:
    2. Add referral to cart with dollar amount:
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   * A - Direct  Purchases
  Individuals, Corporations, Foundations make donations through option (A) for direct  purchases  of backpacks and school  supplies. follow link
   * B - Shared  Purchases
  Pooling resources to make  shared  purchases (purchase of large quantity split among multiple buyers).
(a) Choose dollar amount to make monetary donation for purchases of backpacks and school supplies. follow link




(4)    Car Donation Program
           Car Donation
[TXT]  Thank  you for making changes in the lives of disadvantaged children
  • [TXT]      we appreciate your financial support

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